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Stephen K. Underwood is a Bankruptcy Lawyer serving Hamburg NY that has been representing bankruptcy clients for more than 25 years (see about).

For more than two decades hamburg area homeowners, families, and consumers seeking debt relief and long-term debt resolution have trusted and turned to Stephen K. Underwood. If you need debt relief answers fast, call me promptly at 716-656-7676 to for a free telephone consultation with an experienced Hamburg Bankruptcy Attorney. I can help you stop harassment by creditors, end the threat of foreclosure or repossession, discharge your debts, and regain your financial independence. Declaring bankruptcy is not the answer for everyone who is in debt, and it takes time and patience, but it may be just the answer you need.

Bankruptcy is not simple. The complicated bankruptcy rules and the convoluted bankruptcy petition process can be quite confusing, so you will need help from an experienced Hamburg Bankruptcy Attorney who routinely handles bankruptcies and the alternatives to bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges your unsecured debts, credit card bills, and medical bills – but not everyone will be eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For many people, especially for homeowners, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be better, as it lets you keep your home and pay your debts in a way that you can afford when you are behind in your mortgage and/oe car payment.

In your own case, several alternatives to bankruptcy may be just as effective. The debt relief strategy that is in your own best interests can only be determined after an experienced debt attorney is able to review your overall financial condition. Don’t wait to seek debt resolution and enjoy a fresh financial start when you can take the first step today. For the bankruptcy help and the debt advice you need in the Hamburg community or anywhere in the WNY area, call 716-656-7676 at once and get a free telephone consultation with experienced Hamburg Bankruptcy Attorney Stephen Underwood.

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